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Big thank you, we have just received our 1,000 hit while I was away in Barcelona. Mixed week of news for you this week, check it out ….

Holy Rollers trailer

Jess Eisenberg is back after his fantastic portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network.Sam Gold (Eisenberg), a young Orthodox Jewish man from Brooklyn who’s seduced into work as a ‘medicine’ trafficker by the well-connected Yosef (Justin Bartha). Persuaded to smuggle ecstasy from Amsterdam back into the US, he’s happy to find a definite upside to the world of crime. Unfortunately, said upside is also the girlfriend of a heavily-armed Israeli gangster. Check it out in Cinemas 13th of May

Superman has a villain

Michael Shannon will play General Zod in Zack Snyder’s Superman adaption. Rumor has it that he beat Viggo Mortensen to the role. Personally it’s a random choice as I haven’t seen much of Shannon in films, it may change my mind we will see.

Michael Shannon will play Zod in the new Superman


Bradley Cooper= The Crow


Just last week it was revealed that Juan Carlos Fresnadillo will direct the new version of The Crow, now apparently Bradley Cooper will put the dodgy face paint on and play The Crow.  Cooper is in early talks to play Eric Draven, a rock musician trying to celebrate with his fiancée when thugs burst in and attack them. His fiancée is raped and murdered and Draven himself is beaten nearly to death before the job is finished when he’s thrown out of a high window. He is brought back to life by supernatural forces and guided by a crow to wreak bloody vengeance on his killers, sorting out an entire criminal gang in the process so he can the chance to reunite with his other half.



Will Bradley Cooper play The Crow ?


The Dark Knight Rises cast growing again


Josh Pence has been added to the cast of The Dark Knight Rises, according to sources he will play Ra’s Al Guhl formally played by Liam Neeson. I guess your saying what isn’t he dead after Batman Begins ? Well apparently he will play the character, but 30 years before the new Nolan story begins. This might make sense as Marion Colltiard is playing Al Guhl’s daughter in the film.



Josh Pence will join the cast of The Dark Knight Rises












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