One comment on “That Movie Guy’s Robert Downey Jr, Month: Natural Born Killers

  1. Hi, I’m A Huge Fan of This Movie “Natural Born Killers” And I’ve Never Seen A Movie Before And So, I
    t’s My First Time To Post A Reply For “Natural Born Killers” And I Like All Good Scenes Involves With
    Love And Wow, It’s Nice Romantic Movie And Except For Murder Scene Which I Don’t Promote In Th
    e Movie And I Complain It’s Not Good For Fans To Watch Them And So, Anyway Regardless We Kn
    ow or Not We Still Like The Movie “Natural Born Killers” And I Allow Love And Not Hate! OK? Thank
    You! 04/10/2013 Time 12:46pm.

    PS My Friends, Please Join Me Force For Good In The World Today And Make Life-Changing
    Possible For The Future And Changed Lives!

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