Holy mother of God world, Ben Affleck is Batman!

So the world now knows who the new Batman is, with wild speculation since Comic-Con of Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, Jon Hamm, Christian Bale and many more it was given to Ben Affleck. I woke up on Friday morning and just saw tons of tweets about Affleck, my initial reaction was really? But as I slowly woke up from my sleepy state I thought, damm this is a good idea! People need to forget the ben-affleck-new-batman-600x342Nolan Batman now it’s gone, all three films are masterpieces but as life moves on so do we. Zack Snyder is taking on a mammoth task in creating a Superman vs Batman film to start, so this man isn’t taking gambles. He commented in Variety magazine saying “Ben provides an interesting counter-balance to Henry’s Superman. He has the acting chops to create a layered portrayal of a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent and bears the scars of a seasoned crime fighter, but retain the charm that the world sees in billionaire Bruce Wayne”.Ben Affleck has matured a lot since the days of Gigli, two prime examples of that are The Town and Argo which he starred and directed in. Both very mature performances and very different characters each time, in hindsight this man was the lead in an Oscar winning film last year. Greg Silverman, president Warner Brothers Studio, said: “We knew we needed an extraordinary actor to take on one of DC Comics’ most enduringly popular superheroes, and Ben Affleck certainly fits that bill and then some.”He is hot property behind and in front of the camera. I think a lot of people forget that Affleck was even offered the job to direct the Justice League movie. Ben Affleck version 2.0 as I call him these days as so many positives going into this new adventure.  Ben Affleck is a box office cash cow, and there’s no realistic way Batman vs. Superman will flop at the box office with Affleck on board. There is to much media hype all ready and they haven’t even started filming yet. Affleck’s last two wide-release films took in nearly $400 million worldwide. He regularly starred in movies that made hundreds of millions of dollars. He was and remains a movie star with a worldwide fan-base, and his casting as Batman is going to be another instance of his star power helping the movie. Becoming a director gave Ben Affleck additional insights about acting, and his direction of actors demonstrates extreme awareness and understanding of acting. I don’t care what else you think about Affleck, if you claim that Gone Baby Gone, The Town, and Argo don’t demonstrate terrific directing talent and fantastic ability to pull top-notch performances out of actors, then you are either lying, arrogant or a hipster.

Americans complain that some of the major super heroes, like Spider-Man, Superman and Batman, are not played by American actors. You now have Batman played by a American, a Oscar winning American!So why is there so much hatred and anger from fan boys/girls batman_vs_supermanand plastic geeks? I have been a fan of Batman pretty much my whole life, Burton and Nolan nailed it for me and Schumacher needs to be hung. The world at this point in time finds being a comic book reader cool, Joss Whedon has deemed these people plastic geeks. For me a lot of these people are the main cause of the out cry of anger towards Ben Affleck. I also find it pathetic there is a petition to get rid of him as Batman. Do people really think that will change anything? I do agree with one point that appointing another Batman so soon after the Nolan trilogy is just to quick. But large studio companies don’t care, comic book movies is a large cash cow in a cinema sense and they will take advantage of this fad for as long as they can. But answer me this James Bond is a franchise that has been going for 50 years and now and again we get a new Bond sooner rather then later, no one kicks a fuss about that. We just accept the person and move on, but we always do get controversy. When Daniel Craig got the job people kicked off because he was blonde! Now for me Craig is the best Bond since Sean Connery, and Skyfall is by far the best Bond for a long time. Why can’t the world just accept the change in Batman? Bale did his time and it was amazing, but cinema is an artistic form and it’s always welcomed to new interpretations. Just like the comic books, I do like the various interpretations of Batman over the years from Frank Miller to Jeph Loeb.

So most probably people have heard the same rant over and over, but this issue is very frustrating for me. Think of this guys, Heath Ledger was criticized to high hell for being cast as The Joker. When it came to 2008 he was applauded by everyone, he even won a posthumous Oscar for it. If the internet existed when Michael Keaton was cast as Batman we would have seen the same out cry as ben-affleck-henry-cavillAffleck is getting now. For me after Bale, Michael Keaton is the best Batman. I will even go as far as saying Anne Hathaway was even ridiculed for being cast as Catwoman, but she turned it around and made her own mark on the character.  I think the only time we can really start judging Ben Affleck is when we see pictures, trailers and the finished piece. I am sure by early 2014 we will start seeing some behind the scenes photos etc. I will admit Affleck has big shoes to fill, Snyder and Goyer need to give him a good story. But people we can’t forget that this is a Superman sequel. It’s very exciting to here that Bryan Cranston has shown interest in playing Lex Luthor. The evolution of the story seems to be stirring down the Luthor way, we mite even get Superman on Luthers’ side to begin as he is a model citizen and he twists Batman as the villain. Then he will realize who is the real bad guy and Batman and Superman join forces. But hey ho only time will tell. I understand if people want to hate me after my little rant, but I do feel like Ben Affleck deserves a chance.

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