Cert: 15 Runtime: 113 mins Director: Justin Kurzel  Cast: Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Paddy Considine, Jack Reynor, Sean Harris and David Thewlis

This is the very painting of your fear

There have been countless versions of the immortal bards Macbeth, we have all studied the play and lost all patience with it’s dialogue. But when you hear the names Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard playing the title Macbeth-4characters you have to sign on. Justin Kurzel is a new breed of director and this is a mammoth film to tackle. The trailers have been mesmerizing and it has had a great promotional run. But is it any good? For any Macbeth novice here is a brief synopsis.  Amidst the bloodshed and brooding wastes of the Scottish landscape, ambitious general Macbeth (Michael Fassbender) has proven his worth on the battlefield. However, Macbeth’s hunger for power is such that, with the insidious cooperation of his scheming wife (Marion Cotillard), he murders King Duncan (David Thewlis) and seizes control of the throne. Very soon, Macbeth’s attempts to consolidate his power result in violence, carnage and ultimately tragedy.

Justin Kurzel is a film-maker for the future! Macbeth is by far one of the better films of 2015. This is a very luscious michael-fassbender-macbeth-trailer-01film, Adam Arkapaw’s cinematography truly captures the setting of Macbeth. The simple use of natural light is so elegant and truly shows there is not much hope in this tragedy. The heavy uses of red keeps the dangerous and vicious tone of the film. The landscape shots are the best of the year, they are as stunning as Dick Pope’s work on Mr.Turner. Kurzel’s direction here is very imaginative and truly creates his own interpretation of Shakespeare’s work. He is making Assassins Creed next and I would be happy to pay purely to see what he creates. Jed Kruzel’s score truly keeps the flow of the film. It’s very sinister with a hint of madness it really keeps you up to date with the change of tone throughout the film.

Michael Fassbender, plays the character to perfection and it is his performance alone that makes it easier for the common man to understand Shakespeare’s historic language. Fassbender is thoroughly engaged in his role and every20489830523_eb2cf03443_o word he delivers oozes emotion. Marion Cotillard is equally impressive as the conniving Lady Macbeth. Cotillard was an interesting choice to play the femme fatal, but she has proved here that she can rise to any challenge. This performance is a very colourful feather in a exceptional cap. Her Lady Macbeth helped me to realise that she became somewhat of a victim to the King she had created. “What is done, is done.” I am quite sure that she didn’t envisage her warrior husband to become the tyrant that he became. Adding to the list of superb performances is Sean Harris, the vengeful and savage Macduff, who is hell bent on ending Macbeth’s reign as the Scottish Monarch. Paddy Considine as Banquo gave a great performance also, he is a great film maker and now dramatic actor. Justin Kurzel’s Macbeth needs to be watched it’s definitely in my top 4 of the year. Go see it now!


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