Cert: 15 Runtime: 119 mins Director: Ben Wheatley Cast: Tom Hiddelston, Luke Evans, Sienna Miller, Elisabeth Moss and Jeremy Irons

Leave the real world behind

Ben Wheatley is probably the most up and coming British directors for some time now. Kill List, A Field in England and the phenomenal Sightseers have been given wide acclaim. But the general cinematic public either love him ormaxresdefault hate him, his films are dubbed pretentious and boring (for me he is a visionary). Now his latest film High-Rise is from a novel written by J.G. Ballard, many people will not know who he is but my days read some of his books! It’s an exceptional book that’s worth anyone’s time.High-Rise has received wide acclaim from critics but the vast amount of movie going reviews have hated it. So what is High-Rise about? Dr. Robert Laing (Tom Hiddleston) has just moved into a plush London high-rise development and soon becomes an integral part of the class struggle within its walls. Among the new people he meets are belligerent filmmaker Richard (Luke Evans) and his long-suffering wife Helen (Elizabeth Moss), seductive Charlotte (Sienna Miller) and architect Anthony Royal (Jeremy Irons). However, the atmosphere of the building also fosters an increasing sense of alienation between the various floors, and before long its inhabitants descend into bloodshed and chaos.

Well my opinion is with the critics I am afraid! High-Rise is equally Ben Wheatley’s best film along with Sightseers. WilderIf you have read the book I do believe it gives you more of a narrative edge going in. But the screenplay is slightly different to the book. I have no issue with this in all fairness, it gives it slightly a different angle. The message about the social divide is still prominent through out. Amy Jump’s screenplay has such a great humour to it, but the darkness of the story shines from page to screen. I would imagine Ballard would of approved of the film. Ben Whatley’s creation is of visual beauty within a large concrete jungle of pompousness, death and rubbish bags. His evolution continues with High-Rise, the pallet of colour is just stunning the colouring just sets each scene so well. Free Fire his next project is something I can’t wait to see now. My only big issue with High-Rise is the pacing at some points, some scenes seemed unnecessary but no film is perfect. I can understand why some people have walked out of the film, but High-Rise and me got along just fine.

Clint Mansell’s soundtrack created the blood that pumps through the veins of the film. Not since Mica Levi’s Under The Skin soundtrack I’ve respected a soundtrack so much. Probably by now some of you must think, what a High-Rise-2016-movie-posterpretentious twat. I’m just a working class lad that enjoys cinema, it may not be for you but it was for me. The cast was of a stellar level, mainly Luke Evans and Sienna Miller. This is Evans’s best role to date, I’ve never really rated him before. But he did bring Wilder to life, he brought a lot of passion to the role and I commend him. Sienna Miller made Charlotte Melville more three dimensional too me. I never really understood her in the book, but now I have more sense of her. Tom Hiddelston and Jeremy Irons give admirable performances. My issue with Hiddelston is that it seems to be the same character he plays over and over again. Jeremy Irons didn’t have as much screen time for me! Anthony Royal is more of a prominent character in the book. All in all High-Rise is insane, risqué and unnerving! It breaks the boundaries of modern cinema and a breath of fresh air for me.


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