Jane Got A Gun

Cert: 15 Runtime: 98 mins Director: Gavin O’Connor Cast: Natalie Portman, Joel Edgerton, Rodrigo Santoro, Noah Emmerich and Ewan McGregor

You don’t need a gunslinger. You need a goddamn regiment.

It’s painfully slow, no character building, and way too many flashbacks, so many that it is close to making it difficult to follow along. The thing is about these period pieces is those making them, or whoever they use as consultants havemaxresdefault no idea about the way things really were.Taking over the reins at quite literally the last minute from the film’s original director Lynne Ramsey, O’Connor’s take on the classic tale of farm girl Jane taking it to the gang out to kill her husband and ruin her life is so devoid of purpose and life that its mightily hard to even envisage what this film was aiming for and from the lackluster start through to its long gestating yet disappointing fire fight finale, Jane Got a Gun struggles to make any form of impact on the viewer and bares all the hallmarks of a film that’s behind the scenes actions impacted badly on its final product.

Devoid of any spirit, Jane Got a Gun is tiresome and impact free remake. It’s hard to know who exactly is to blame jane_got_a_gun_posterfor the end result here but all involved should’ve known better and have all done much better in the past and its likely all who were apart of this box office misfire are likely to erase this from their memories quicker than a you could draw a pistol. The big problem is in the lack of a theme or moral. Ordinarily, one might expect an ordinary person to be confronted with an ordeal that tests their mettle and forces them to grow somehow in order to overcome otherwise insurmountable obstacles. Here, the characters don’t grow or acquire new skills. They endure hardships that tear their world apart, but survive. Consequently, everything falls into place and they have a much brighter future because they survived, not because they prevailed by becoming stronger.


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